20 Tips to Start Online Store (Updated)


Major giants of the marketplace such as Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay come up with limited seller policies. These venues are playing an important role by maintaining the homogenous image from the various branding of the Merchants.

A different game can be played directly by sellers by creating their own online store and keep full control to enhance the customer experience.

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The merchant can use their own website to interact directly with their customers and motivate them to purchase the items. Moreover, they can also categorize their own products as well as highlight the sale of different products. The merchants have a lot of freedom however they do not know how to commence an online store builder with their shop.

To grab the attention of a huge number of buyers, you need to have some tactics on how to start an online store over the web. It comprises various realms that ought to be crafted to get the attention of the buyers and impulse the sales.

1. Attractive Web Design:

It is observed that 93 percent of the buyers get attracted to the appearance of the store while going to buy anything on the internet. In your niche, you have a range of best products but you do not have the appealing look of the online store, then it affects the digital appearance of the store.

To create a well-designed store for your products, then either you have to invest some bucks on the website or learn the code. Moreover, you have also readymade templates and just need to customize it such as Magento web development.

At the same token, your store must be designed and developed by a professional with a suitable e-commerce template. Web design ought to be captive and grab the attention of visitors with less text and high-definition images.

2. Appealing “About us” page:

When the visitors visit about us page, then they want to know something different and creative about your products so that they can purchase your products rather than others.

The things you need to do are define clearly what you are, what you do and what you offer to the customers. You can add all sorts of testimonials, social evidence and achievements too.

This may lead to gain a number of new customers. Moreover, you must clearly mention all the contact information such as contact email, Address, and social media channels.

Contact us information must be put at the end of the website as it is usually found over there and basic information about the products as well as the company must be added. Keep it precise and easy to read and take help from Magento certified developer.

3. Brand Partnership:

It is not easy for buyers to invest their hard-earned money on less popular brand and you have to establish a value of your store by working with most reputed brands.

There is no need to go for Coca-cola and Apple but small companies can also maintain a trust level among customers by hire Magento developers. Must highlight all the partner companies and influencers in about us page and showcase your reputation.

The more the brands, the high will be the reputation.

4. Online support:

If the customer buys the product from your store for the first time, then they need to make sure that they will surely get proper customer support if it is required. Troubleshooting must be provided so that they will purchase again and again.

5. Popular payment methods:

The online store is nothing without having options for online payment. Provide a wide array of payment alternatives so that it becomes easy for the customers to make payment quickly.

6. Social media advertising:

The popular way to stay in contact with the customers is by advertising over social platforms. You can take help from Google Analytics to know what types of websites are mostly accessing by the target users.

7. SEO is the king:

More traffic, more buying. The posts and descriptions contain the SEO words that will get more traffic on the store. When the bog posts rank well on search engines, then it motivates people to visit their website.

8. Product Reviews:

Immensely, trust in the products built up by the review and ratings. The customers want to read the feedback given by previous buyers and on that basis, they will make a decision of purchase.

9. SEO-friendly site:

When traffic comes to the site, then the purchase increases automatically. Your site will rank higher if it is optimized correctly on search engines.

10. Mobile-responsive:

The site must be responsive to mobile devices as people started using mobile devices rather than laptops and computers. Most of the traffic comes from mobiles instead of computers.

11. Track analytics:

Use the tool Google Analytics to keep track of all the selling activities and customer behaviour. It provides information related to store metrics such as the sale of a product, number of visits and abandoned carts.

12. Free Shipping:

Free shipping is the order of the day and the added cost of delivery charges discourages people to not continue the purchase.

13. Outreach list:

You need to reach out to more customers in order to reach more customers so that you can reach more buyers within the targeted audiences.

14. Ready-to-go tools

You can use and learn from the Magento tutorial step by step, Shopify and BigCommerce that can help the online store builder to enhance the customer experience and allows the user to do customization accordingly.

15. Competition:

Go with the competition and offers the lowest price and good quality products so that the buyers get attracted to the product.

16. HD pictures:

When the buyer clearly looks at the image of the product, then it is possible that they place the order frequently.

17. Offer incentives:

To maximize the purchase, there is a need to offer incentives to the customers in the form of pop-up discounts.

18. Social sharing:

Options must be available to drive the growth of the business and also encourages the public discussion of brand and product.

19. Email marketing:

Send emails to the potential users time to time-related to the discounts and free shipping.

20. Refund and money back:

In case of any damage to the product, make sure you provide a money-back guarantee to the customers and protect their interest.

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