April 24, 2023
Planning to start a new eCommerce store? What platform to opt for Magento or Shopify? If this question has been raised in your mind, then you are not alone! It’s very crucial to select the right platform, considering there are a lot of great eCommerce and website builder options available these days.  Magento and Shopify...
Online shopping is on the rise at a rapid pace almost every day. As a result, eCommerce is positioned to have a bright future. Despite this, there is one major problem facing internet businesses, especially startups. A major component of that is creating an online platform that is user-friendly and appealing to visitors. Thanks to...

About Rajan Soni

Rajan Soni

I’m Magento Certified Developer having quite 5 years of commercial development expertise in Magento as well as in Shopify. I’ve worked primarily with the Magento and Shopify e-commerce platform, managing the complexities concerned in building e-commerce solutions tailored to a client’s specific desires.

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