8 Important E-Commerce Mistakes to Avoid in 2020


E-commerce business is a great idea but never been too easy to start-up & boost up with the good run. There are multiple platforms available for E-commerce platforms to start your online store but selection depends on compatibility with your store requirement.

Mostly medium & large business owners choose e-commerce Website Development on Magento because of its open-source nature, & functionality to add on with Magento expert like Rajan Soni.

There are many stores which get fail with some mistakes which should be avoided to raise your e-commerce business. If you don’t want to fall into your business fate, then you must avoid the common mistakes at E-commerce website development.

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1. Start with The Wrong Platform

While starting with an e-commerce business, a very common & bigger mistake is not choosing the right platform for your store. It is a prior step to understand the requirement for your store & user’s expectations & needs before finalizing the right platform for online stores.

There are many platforms available but you need to understand its features & functions available & its compatibility with your store development.

2. Non-Sufficient A/B Testing

When you have installed Google Analytics at your website then you need to test things going inflow & make an analysis of changes done on your site may occur any loss of traffic & revenues.

Many times entrepreneurs avoid testing with a fear of losing customers but mostly it happened completely reverse. And the loss of customers happened by not testing things work out for betterment, & changed needed to site.

3. Avoiding Analytics

You get the complete status of traffic, audience full insight of website on Analytics. It includes the complete view of a new audience or repeated visitors, interests, how durable they are, etc.

This data may help you with A/B testing or content implementation on your site. Most of the site owner uses Google Analytics to track all data of their website & don’t make mistake to avoid Analytics, it can give you a grand path of success by tracking your right audience.

4. Unplanned Marketing Strategies

Here stores owner make mistakes with marketing strategies, even when they the right audience & product range. E-commerce platform may fail due to improper or unplanned marketing of the store.

Must avoid this mistake by making the proper marketing strategy by consulting the right marketer for your store’s betterment.

5. Wrong Targeted Audience

To increase the sale of store & boosting up, you need to target the right audience else the longer survival of the store would be difficult.

At priority, you need to decide about your product & who can be your right audience for your range & target them with the right marketing plan.

Once you’ve started targeting your audience then your store will boost up in no time & you’ll earn your potential customers.

6. Improper Use of Social Media or Not Using It

Social media is the key to communication & this we all know pretty well. And Social media is a platform to reach out to the maximum audience nowadays.

If you’ve start-up your brand/store, then making awareness about this done by Social media platform.

Making direct chat available with the customer will build up faith towards your brands & products. Moreover, you may use the chatbot on-site to avail of the direct customer with you.

7. Unfocused User Experience

At this stage, people make bigger mistakes by not creating cosmic user experience in your E-commerce store. It can be the best thing to follow to avoid the negative impact of customer visits on your site.

Here are some points to improve: –

  • Low-Quality Images – Always avoid uploading the low-quality product images which can make a bad impression of your site. Give them a professional view of your site by uploading the quality sized images.
  • Free Shipping Offers – Shipping means extra cost on the product. With the analysis report, it is seen that the unity of customers likes free shipping & by this, it can earn potential customer like a great revenue. If you’ll add extra shipping cost on a product may be the reason for slipping customers.
  • Product Description – This is the biggest factor at any online store, as usually customer see the product image & read the description in detail. You need to mention all the relevant description needed for the product to influence your customers.
  • Manage Reviews – Customers reviews play a vital role to influence upcoming visitors to convert them into potential customers. You may use multiple resources to generate product reviews.
  • Searches for Product – Most of the users use the search box option search relevant products, and by not using this compatibility you’re doing the bigger mistake. Key points to keep in mind while adding a search box at your site- use an auto-complete feature, proper search result page, easy access to the search box.

8. Ignoring Speed Optimizing

Here the mistake of speed optimizing the website may lose potential customers even from the last step. An E-commerce website should have very fast speed because delaying seconds may fall your traffic on the store.


The start-up E-commerce is not that easy but you can boost up your store by avoiding the above mistakes. And if you’re already running store & making any mistake from above them then fix it now to get a better response.

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I’m Magento Certified Developer having quite 5 years of commercial development expertise in Magento as well as in Shopify. I’ve worked primarily with the Magento and Shopify e-commerce platform, managing the complexities concerned in building e-commerce solutions tailored to a client’s specific desires.

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