Best Magento Extensions for 2020

Best Magento Extensions for 2020

Magento is one of the topmost E-commerce business platforms especially when you have got the large scale business and top business entrepreneurs are using. Magento is an open-source platform which will give you the opportunities to customize store template as per your requirements.

When you’ve created a store on the Magento then you’ll get advanced extensions features that can add functionalities to your store. There is a list of Magento extensions which is commonly used by Magento experts to customize the online store to complete its functioning, let’s know about it–

1. Yotpo (Free):- Magento store can easily with Yotpo which might help you to collect customer reviews which will get more newcomers customers to make them sure to buy the products. At Yotpo, user-generated data is great, it may increase the ratio of customers by presenting the cool structure of product reviews.

Key features:-

  • Convert product reviews in the next Ad set
  • It is mobile friendly
  • Offer coupons to add reviews
  • Social Integration

2. SimiCart (Paid):- Today, mobile internet took over completely to engaged people which increase the mobile app downloads. SimiCart is an advanced extension of the Magento store which will help you to make the best mobile application synchronized with your website, which will assuredly increase your customer.

Key features:-

  • Configure layout and features
  • Publish the application to store
  • Manage multiple languages & currency
  • Handle all at Magento backend
  • It consolidates application with your website

3. Optimonk (Paid):- It is a Magento popular extension to target online solutions, involves multiple features and functioning. Optimonk is very eased to manage and use its features as well as entrusted by many entrepreneurs. Either you wish to generate loads of leads, raise your sales or present your sales offer in a superior way then all can be done by Optimon.

Key features:-

  • Awesome destination & splitting
  • Easy manage drag & drop
  • Lots of templates & integrations
  • Compatible with Magento 1 & Magento 2

Quick Tip:- Learn about System Configuration Value to Knockout.

4. Social Login Integration:- Social media is the widest part of digital lives & growing more widest with days, there are lots of option available for social networking likewise Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Snapchat, etc. and people loves to spend more time in engaged with social media sites. To increase the customer potential, you need to add on your website.

Key feature:-

  • Controlling & Customizing login buttons
  • Different stores & languages supported
  • Easy Installation

5. Nosto (Free):- Nosto extension is big data analytics to make automatically prediction of best product range & offers for individuals based on real-time analytics. Customers may not sure about the product to select for, the algorithm will help them with product recommendations.

Key feature:-

  • Disjunction
  • Customized Emails
  • Onsite Content Customization
  • Pop-ups

6. Taxjar (Paid):- Merchants spend more time on business, not on sales tax calculation. Taxjar helps to calculate automatically sales tax as well as management reports & fillings so that you can fully concentrate to enhance your business.

Key feature:-

  • Instant Report Update
  • Single Click Implementation
  • Calculation of Discounts & Coupons is supported also.

7. Algolia Site Search (Free):- People use to search for information and they need a fast search result. Algolia is a proofed solution of the fastest search experience available for the Magento platform and delivers the correct information.

Key feature:-

  • Analytics
  • Doesn’t need coding
  • Synonyms ranking scheme
  • Relevant functionality

8. Stripe Payment System (Free):- Stripe is the best tool for broad payment methods on the spot. It makes easy to receive payment from the customer right away with this tool and easy integration from Magento extensions store & easy to handle.

Key feature:-

  • Subscription Supervision
  • It keeps safe Iframe payment
  • Save cards & tokenization
  • It supports bitcoins
  • Conquer & authorization
  • Multiple currencies supported
  • Compatible with Magento 1 & Magento 2

9. Amasty (Paid):- Amasty is extensions at Magento store, you need a perfect checkout option at your website and this tool is quite awesome to choose. People usually don’t like a long process to checkout & 1 plus step of checkout will lose a sale. So you need the shortest checkout process for the website to build up more sales & save your potential customers.

Key feature:-

  • Can customize the checkout page
  • It auto-detects customer location
  • Mobile optimized page
  • Auto-suggest google address
  • Compatible with Magento 1 & Magento 2

10. LiveChat (Paid):- If you have got an online store to sell your products then people surfing your products may have queries related to product or purchase query, and to reach all that queries you’ll need a tool to get easy communication.

Magento extension advance tool-LiveChat will make people more aware of your products and build trust with an easy way of communication directly from brands. It is crafted to handle many customers by sending them a quick reply.

Key feature:-

  • Customize chat widget
  • Visitor Tracker
  • Mobile app available
  • Analytics
  • Compatible with Magento 2
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