Reasons Why Magento Continues to Be a Preferred E-Commerce Platform in 2023?


Online shopping is on the rise at a rapid pace almost every day. As a result, eCommerce is positioned to have a bright future. Despite this, there is one major problem facing internet businesses, especially startups. A major component of that is creating an online platform that is user-friendly and appealing to visitors. Thanks to Magento, they can resolve this issue successfully.

As the third largest eCommerce platform, Magento comes with a comprehensive set of features, including intuitive navigation and vast scope for customization, which enhances the store’s performance.

Creating an e-commerce store from the ground up requires considerable effort, and many features need to be developed and tested, but with Magento, all of these features will be ready to use from the start. Thus, in the last couple of decades, it has become a favorite software for small, mid-sized, and large companies.

Considering Magento for your eCommerce portal but need clarification? Then keep reading to explore reasons why it is worth your trust.

Is Magento still around in 2023?

Yes, without a doubt! As a platform that has PHP embedded in it, Magento has been a great help to programmers when it comes to creating successful e-commerce websites. Over the past several years, thousands of businesses have started their online stores using this platform, including large brands such as Samsung, Nike, Toyota, Ford, Lenovo, Olympus, Nestle, and others.

It’s expected to keep happening in 2023. There is no doubt that Magento will be chosen by many brands worldwide this year and in the years to come, particularly now that Adobe has acquired Magento to do the same for Adobe’s commerce loop. With this acquisition, Magento can grow in the enterprise market.

Get a glimpse of the latest Magento statistics and facts that you should not ignore:

  • Quarter-over-quarter, Magento stores grew 4.5% in 2022 Q4
  • More than 270,000 merchants use Magento’s platform.
  • Many Magento users reside in the US, with 59739 sites using Magento 1 and 35906 sites using Magento 2 as their platform.
  • The Magento platform is currently used by 1.2% of internet sites.
  • Every year, Magento processes $155 billion (USD).

Magento-driven innovation in the world of e-commerce is intensifying. Every store owner must be prepared for the revolution that Magento-driven innovation can bring to the landscape.

What makes Magento the perfect solution for an eCommerce platform in 2023?

The following reasons will convince you that Magento is still good for your e-commerce needs in 2023 and beyond and that you should consider this platform for your future online store.

Creates a user-friendly environment

The Magento software can be beneficial in creating an intuitive and user-friendly website. If you need more technical knowledge, you can manage your inventory and improve your store’s navigation without any problem. There is also a page builder, which will allow you to create pages according to your specifications to customize them easily.

Moreover, Magento websites now feature enhanced elastic search technology that enables customers to find products faster. As a result of the powerful features in Magento, your customers are satisfied, and you can build a stronger relationship with them.

Multi-store support is available.

There is no doubt that running multiple stores when selling globally is a good idea, as you can target different segments of customers and build your outlet. The Magento platform can make it easy for you to accomplish this task.

An admin panel of Magento allows you to manage the products, categories, and customers in different ways. When an extension or version upgrade occurs, you need to update once, and it will work for all web portals configured across your Magento website.

Thus, Magento allows multiple stores to be run from a single installation, and also provides other useful features, such as Add to Cart, Pricing, Full Page Cache, and so on, to conserve time and resources.


Researchers expect mobile commerce volume to reach $621 billion by 2024, meaning mobile devices will account for nearly half of all electronic commerce purchases (43%).

As a result, the Magento platform gives you an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use mobile interface and a seamless process that can be completed rapidly without any hassle. Mobile interfaces powered by third-party native apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are based on native apps, and it works great on mobile and desktop.

But PWAs are currently gaining a huge amount of popularity over native apps due to their ability to enhance the user experience much more, at a much faster pace. The most significant advantage of PWAs is their ability to work with a slow connection.

Evaluation of performance

Accurate reports of your website’s performance allow you to make informed decisions leading to better performance. Magento comes with a comprehensive set of tools that can be used to build reports that can be useful for businesses. 

These tools provide information on everything from average order value to retention rate on a single dashboard. With this dashboard, business data is consolidated, and performance information is clear.

Segmenting customers

By using Magento eCommerce platforms, companies can segment their customer base based on their buying history, user activity, and shopping cart details to better serve their customers. With this function, business owners can learn how to market and sell online, and as a result, they can easily segment customers based on their behavior.

Your website will load faster.

Those websites that have a slow loading time will invariably appear at the bottom of search engine results. When a web page is too slow to load, it can cause unintended problems and immediate losses.

Since Magento was created to cater to the needs of the fastest e-commerce stores, and has earned a reputation for producing the fastest web pages, it has set out to develop the fastest e-commerce stores ever. You can expect excellent platform performance with Magento because it is easily customizable and trustworthy.


Therefore, it is obvious that Magento facilitates the difficult task of creating attractive, competitive platforms that are easy to use. By investing in Magento 2 Product Designer tool, you can fulfill all your needs to attract more customers and deliver a personalized experience. 

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