Top 10 Effective Magento SEO Tips for E-Commerce Website

Top 10 Effective Magento SEO Tips for E-commerce Website

In the world of online marketing here is a bigger role of SEO to raise organic traffic on your website. In the updated version of Magento Development –Magento 2 is launched in 2015 with the most required extensions for SEO improvement.

To optimize the E-commerce website there is a Magento SEO extension available to optimize the online store such as integrated image optimization, manage XML sitemap, URL rewriting, Meta information or more.

Magento is not much SEO friendly like WordPress / Onveos but at worst the small improvement at Magento addressing some of the SEO issues plugged at the platform since its outset.

Here are some best SEO Tips for E-commerce Websites you can follow to improve your online store organic rank on Google. Best SEO tips for the E-commerce website are following listed:

1. Use updated & latest version of Magento

You should always keep your store at the updated Magento platform with the latest version released. Magento keeps on improving the lacking resources in every version which also includes the SEO feature which may protect you from unwanted bugs.

Magento 2 is launched in 2015 & that got many several updates after the release of the new version. As if you are at Magento 1.X then here is a strong recommendation to switch your store to Magento 2.

Should go through Magento SEO expert to get help more about SEO challenges.

2. Optimization of URL

Magento’s latest version may store your store URL by default, which is a completely unwanted way to configure your E-commerce store. Here is a method to configure your E-commerce website:–

{go to your store -> Configuration-> General ->Web->URL option}, you can set here “Add Store Code to URL” is NO. Also, remove index.php from Magento URL will generate a more SEO friendly structure of URL by choosing the option “Yes” for “Server URL Rewrites”.

Quick Tip:Pros and Cons of Magento 1 and Magento 2

3. Moderate Default Settings

Meta-information for any E-commerce website is important to get the organic rank on the website. Here is an immediate need to modify a Metadata when you setting up Magento 2.X, learn how to configure that; follow the steps to configure data

  • Magento Admin-Choose Content->Design->Configuration
  • At the default store view-click on ‘edit’
  • Next scroll down to the HTML head section to edit your store Meta title, description & keywords

Here is more to modify in metadata for product & categories pages, follow the steps

  • For Product – Log in at admin then select Products > Catalog > at SEO section select ’edit product’, write your meta title, description, keywords.
  • For Product – Log in at admin then select Products >Categories >SEO settings below & write your metadata.

4. Unique Content & Canonical Tags

Content is the backbone of SEO, also the king of online marketing specialist for E-commerce websites. Using the duplicate content is the worst idea either related to metadata, web content, or product descriptions that should be unique.

At E-commerce website (like Amazon SEO) duplicate content is the issue due to having the same content on multiple category pages or other pages which may be resolved by using the canonical tags. Canonical tags highlight the actual location of the true page, & you can use it in multiple pages with similar content.

5. Image Optimization

SEO is king to bring up your website at organic searches at search engine & Image Optimization is one of the major tips. It is necessary to optimize product images on all platforms, which may help you in Google ranking of the product page. Here are some tips for Image optimization: –

  • Keep the file name relevant to product character instead of random numbers or letters
  • Essential to add image alt tag by using a relevant keyword
  • How to edit on Magento? – At the admin>Catalog>Products, find ‘configuration products’>double click thumbnail>Detail Page>edit ‘image alt tags’.

6. Robot.txt Role

Robot.txt states the Google crawler which pages & folder are important & need to index & which is not. At Magento, it is too easier to modify Robot.txt file, follow>go to store>general>custom instruction of Robot.txt.

7. Sitemap Optimization

An auto-generated sitemap is not supported at Magento, you’ll need to install the extension or you manage it manually.

Extension for a sitemap is recommended which may help you like, it will automatically generate a sitemap, added links to external domains at the sitemap, customize listing sequel, sitemap dynamic configuration setting.

8. Structured Data

A today’s SEO technique is using structured data in a format of Schema, use specified elements with information sent to Google or other search engines. It may include Product name & SKU, reviews, price or more relevant information.

9. JavaScript & CSS

Search Engines like Google wants clean source code, where you have less control over the Magento source code but there is a way to improve the code. Suggested to minify JavaScript & CSS & considering moving files to external files so that cached by SERP & user.

10. Internal Linking

Internal Linking is a better way to make understand bot website links & better way to optimization. Anchor text plays a vital role in SEO but it shouldn’t be spam and it’ll match relevant keyword.

Magento has multiple features to improve internal linking network likewise up-sell & cross-sell products available on your store.

Bonus Tips

  • You have to check to disable SID as google is pinging lots of session pages.
  • Sort out the facets as there is lots of crawl budget that can waste.
  • Sort out the www and https redirects to prevent duplicate home pages.
  • Check paginated pages.
  • Check search console and restrict parameters from crawling in robots.txt.
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