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Magento Expertise offering authors to contribute their content – “Write for us”. Here you can post 100% unique & plagiarism free content related to Magento1, Magento2, eCommerce Technology & could earn Appreciation in return.

You can find a relevant information title & share, we’ll analyze your content & will publish your appropriate content at Magento Expertise. But if you want your content to get approval then the Google updates & SEO tricks you need to keep in mind while creating your content. Also, the content should be written with Understandable Language & Grammatical-Error-Free.

In case you found any trouble for content guidelines or any other issues related to the website you can reach at contact us, send an email with complete issue details & screenshot (if any), and I will reach you as soon as possible. We receive the number of emails everyday & your email might get unread & you a reminder to email if you’ll not get any feedback within 48 hours.

List of topics we’re accepting

Nowadays, we are digital and people are switching their business online to increase their business & revenue by starting an online store. And there are lots of E-commerce platforms available to choose as per budget, features & functioning, storage, & more.

You can contribute the content related to these issues to contribute to information online merchants.

The topic must be related to E-commerce trends & technologies, here is the below list to describe your topic we’ll post on our website.

Magento:- You can post the Magento Development Tutorials, its scope, features & functions, etc including Magento1 and Magento2 for top business entrepreneurs to stay updated for their store or can begin with the new one.

WordPress:- Also write about the WordPress E-commerce platform, how you can run an online store with its available features & scope.

Shopify:- Write about Shopify hosted online store pros & cons, how to use its functionality for your online business.

Other E-commerce Technology:- You can also write about another E-commerce platform to contribute more knowledge & information for online business entrepreneurs.

Follow Quick Guidelines

  • The content post charge will be totally free & will get check & verification in 24/48 hours or business days only.
  • The article title should be attractive as well as informative & related to Magento1, Magento2, WordPress, Shopify, E-commerce technologies, & 100% content unique & plagiarism free also proper sorted headings & sub-heading.
  • The word count should be minimum 1000 words, with SEO friendly & grammatical errors free, also the author’s bio & picture.
  • Also, send the feature image to make your content catchier & complete to represent to your article.
  • After your content gets live on our website, you can’t post content to any other website, in case we’ll find the content on any other site then we’ll immediately remove your content from our website.
  • You can send your content at rajansoni.318@gmail.com.

Why Guest Post

  • It is a natural backlink generator procedure, which will increase the reputation of your website, which is important to make your website trustworthy.
  • Our website domain name is a great authority at search engine & your post will get SERP presence & get the top ranking.
  • If we found your topic is amazing, then we’ll promote the post. Also, your post may get a chance to list on our home page.
  • Also, you can ask for the advertisement for our website-Magento Expertise.

How You can you find my “write for us” page Google Search Engine?

If you wish to search a Magento/Technology niche guest post site then you can search Magento/Technology + “write for us” + Rajan Soni + guest post/e-commerce + “write for us” + guest post / “write for us” E-commerce / E-commerce + write to us

This is a key to search appropriate site for your niche. Also simply write Magento Expert Rajan Soni – Magento Expertise – guest post – write for us, you’ll get us to post your content.

Digital Marketing of Content Post

We’ll share the content post promotion at our social networking sites, which may share your informative content with the audience & generate more traffic to your post.

So try to choose the most catchier title to derive maximum traffic to your post. So, Start writing about Magento and eCommerce and share with us at rajansoni.318@gmail.com. We will publish and share live link in 24/48 Hours.

Thank You for choosing us.

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